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The NEW Show 
Episode IV - NEW!  
This week on the show... 
"Money Talks w/host Dick Williams",  "Go-to-Hell Diet Supplement", "The NEW George Carlin HBO Comedy Hour CD", "The Bad Comic",  "As the Latitudes are Longitudes in the Eternal Equinox" (soap opera),  "O-C Instant Lottery. 
The OLD Shows 
Episode III - OLD! 
Skits include: "13 Minutes:  Donkey Balls" (60 Minutes parody),  "Matthew Lesko!",  "Wilfred Brimley for Heartland Oats Anti-Erectile Dysfunction Oatmeal",  "Grand Magnificent Stories of American History:  The XYZ Affair w/host Andy Dick",  "Henry Rollins Spoken Word ExtravaganzaThon" 
Episode II 
Skits include:   NRA Game Show:  "Try Talking Guns With Charlton Heston Without Giving Him an Erection!", "Revenge of The Holiday Inn Commercial Guy",  "The Friendly Stalker",  "Church! Church! Church!" and "That's Good Glucose". 
Episode I  
OR - For just a lick of our first episode...  
Dennis Hopper For Randy's Late Night Drive-Thru - 1:12.  (RealAudio) 
Skits include:  "Grand Magnificent Stories of American History:  The Panic of 1857 w/host Charlie Sheen",  "Automated Phone Sex",  "Healthy Pirate Cooking", "The Twilight Zone:  The Hollywood Squares Pitch Meeting", "Thank You Fred Durst" (Aaron Lewis w/Fred Durst parody), "Dennis Hopper for Randy's Late-Night Drive Thru", "Everybody Loves Watching Ray Romano Get A Tetanus Shot". 

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Thanks for checking out The Shaft Sounds Off! website.  For those of you who don't know who we are, we're a radio sketch comedy show presented by The Shaft,  Ohio University's humor publication.   We've assembled a renegade batch of the most talented actors, writers, stand-up comedians, and sketch performers that we could find from Ohio University's ever-growing comedy scene,  and we're proud to deliver the same style of take-no-prisoners satire that has made The Shaft a HIT at our school..  We've got skits that you can download, and other features that lampoon a wide variety of targets from the worlds of politics, entertainment, and popular culture.  So check them out,  we hope you'll enjoy them! 

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