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The OTHER Stuff Page
The page where you can get to know a little more about the performers from the show
-- or they can come and check themselves out.
Probably the latter, but hey.

Check out photos of your favorite The Shaft Sounds Off! performers in action.  Alright, there's only pictures of some of them,  so it really depends on who your favorites are.

Shaft Aid
Every once and awile,  The Shaft likes to throw benefit shows to keep the student publication in business.  To read a story on the first "Shaft Aid",  click here.

Here's a a video compilation of Shaft Aid I.  You'll see some guy claiming to be George H. Blatz at the beginning,  but we all know George is a dog.   About a 1:30 into it,  you'll see The Shaft Sounds Off! performers Michael Busch, Anthony Deptula, Jimmy Schurman, and Eric Moneypenny jamming in an improv set.  (RealVideo)

The real George H. Blatz was interviewed about the second Shaft Aid,  Son of A Shaft Aid.  You can check out's interview with Blatz right here.

Four Funny Guys and Matt's final performance at Ohio University -- from
Before they were on The Shaft Sounds Off!,  Mike Busch and Anthony Deptula were in the OU sketch comedy group Four Funny Guys and Matt.  They'd play in front of huge audiences here,  and were booked at colleges all around the state,  including Ohio State, Hiram, Rio Grande, Ohio Dominican, and others.   Anyways, a couple of the guys from the group were either graduating,  or not going here anymore,  so they decided to have one last blowout on campus.

Here's clips of Four Funny Guys and Matt's Final Show on campus from
May 11, 2001 at Memorial Auditorium with special guest Eric Moneypenny. (RealVideo)

Check out the story on the show by Ohio U.'s daily student newspaper, The Post.