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July 25, 2001
An exercise in patience. 
JULY 25, 2001 - The Shaft sounded off with their historic first show on July 25, 2001.  It was historic because they recorded the material that they believed to be the funniest out of their big pile of it.  Except they didn't have the audio production "juice" that they used in all subsequent shows.   The end result was a show that was probably weaker than any of the others.  The first time is always overrated.  

Listeners and those at The Shaft disagree on whether the first show was sheer brilliance or a big stinking pile of crap that was too long--31 minutes.  Hey, if it's too long,  turn it off for Blatz's sake.  But please come back.  

Why listen?  First off,  being the debut,  The Shaft Sounds Off! gained their first signs of a cult following during this show.  We'd like to thank those at the Eastern and Western compounds of the Divine Resture for listening. 

The Shaft  SOUNDS OFF! - JULY 25, 2001 
Produced by George H. Blatz. 
Written and Performed by George H. Blatz, Michael Busch, Anthony Deptula, Conrad Dillon, Todd Kollus,
Eric Moneypenny, and Jimmy Schurman.
Musical Supervisor:  Conrad Dillon
Special Thanks:, S. Patel, Ben Patterson, Dr. Robert Stewart
Copyright Ohio University 2001.

SKITS for the July 25 Show
The Panic of 1857  (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Michael Busch, Eric Moneypenny, Jimmy Schurman, and Anthony Deptula. 

TS2O! Numbers Promo (M. Busch) 
Performed by Micheal 

Aaron Lewis / Fred Durst Parody:  Part I
(E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Anthony (as Lewis) and Eric (Durst) 

My Anti-Drug:  Vandalism  (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric and Michael 

TS2O!  Snotty Announcer Promo (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric 

Healthy Pirate Cooking (J. Schurman / A. Deptula) 
Performed by Jimmy and Anthony 

Aaron Lewis / Fred Durst Parody: Part II  (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Anthony 

Automated Phone Sex  (M. Busch) 
Performed by Anthony and Michael 

PSA for The Soaken Wet  (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric, Michael, and Anthony 

The Shaft News Desk I  (M. Busch) 
Performed by George Blatz, and Michael 

TS2O! Internet Porn Promo (A. Deptula) 
Performed by Anthony 

Momís Fat-Free Drip Chips (M. Busch) 
Performed by Eric, Michael, and Anthony 

Hollywood Squares Pitch Meeting
(E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Michael, Eric, Jimmy, and Anthony 

The Kind of Humor You Wonít Hear 
(E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric and Michael 

Aaron Lewis / Fred Durst Parody:  Part III
(E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Anthony 

Dennis Hopper for Randyís Late-Night Drive-Thru (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric and Anthony 

Next Week:  Everybody Loves Watching Raymond Get a Tetanus Shot  (E. Moneypenny) 
Performed by Eric and Michael 

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