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The original cast of The Shaft Sounds Off! in a group photo from 1969.
Pictured above:  Top Row (L to R):  Eric Moneypenny, Jack Pinkley, Barry Heupel, Steve Randall, Vincent Vester,
Rolf Horkanstahl, Jr., Danny Poop, Sidney Randall, Rick Sincere.  Second Row:  Anthony Deptula, Michael Busch, Sonny Peters, Brad Hanrahan, Andy Randy, Donnie Amberson, Brandon Amato, Chuck McDoogle. 
Bottom Row:  Jon Focke, Jimmy Schurman, Hagerty Bono, Gus Horkanstahl III, Conrad Dillon, Todd Kollus. 
 PHOTOS of The Best Ones On The Show
Michael Robert Busch I  
aka Mike Busch 

One of the many to be called "The Brains Behind the Show", Mike came up with the show's title after having a dream about The Louisiana Purchase on January 22, 1963. 

He is also famous for writing such TS2O! classics as "The Great Ketchup Question", "Honey, I'm Inflicting Bouts of Giganticism onto the Kids", "237 Impractical Uses for The Heisman Trophy", and "Let's Talk About Quarantines".

Mike currently resides in dowtown Hollywood, where you can find them anywhere there's a swimming pool and dry martinis.

Anthony Deptula 
aka "Smokey"

Anthony won a spot in TS2O!'s cast after writing the winning essay in our "I wanna be on the Internet" contest held at the Pittsburgh Local 404 Moose Lodge in 1964.

Once arriving at The Shaft's headquarters, Anthony did not disappoint, as he appeared in over 100 skits, most notably "Old Ironsides", "Piggly Wiggly", and "The Angry Discussion starring Lorne Greene".

Anthony currently resides in Hollywood, where he works at USA Networks, and is developing the made-for-TV movie of "The Shaft Sounds Off!" starring David Hyde Pierce,  Bert Convy, and Kirstie Alley.

Jon Focke 
aka "Chocolate Thunder" 

Jon Focke showed up at The Shaft Headquarters during a 1965 taping, accompanied by his manager, "Angry" Joe Schueller.  Schueller then instructed Focke to perform one of his 1,734 characters (it would be "Syllabus Man" on this day).

After being hired Jon appeared in such skits as "How to Get Your PhD in Aardvark Testing", "Jack Beam vs.  Jim Daniels", "Squirrel, I Hardly Knew Ye", and
"Dan Marino: The Musical".

Jon currently is a sports anchor at KOLD in Minnesota.  He thinks the station's call letters are cheesy. 

Eric Moneypenny 
aka "E-larious"

Eric Moneypenny was noticed by TS2O!'s talent scouts in early '64, while performing his two-man show at the Woodside Comedy Festival in Swepsonville, North Carolina.

After getting on TS2O!, he wrote and appeared in many skits throughout the show's groundbreaking run.  A skilled mimic, he delivered dead-on impressions of
Foghorn Leghorn, Mats Wilander, Peter Sellars, Bobo Brazil, Robin Yount, and Spike Milligan.

Eric currently lives in Hollywood, CA where he performs stand-up comedy at The Giggle Gig, The Gaff Gapp, and The Ra-Ra Rut.

Lauren Smith 
aka "The Girl" 

Lauren Smith was a late addition to the cast, breaking the TS2O! gender barrier short after Helen Reddy's solo debut.

A helpful addition to the cast, Lauren voiced many characters including "Drymouth Samantha", "Bad Weather Forecasting Lady", "Kneedrop Mary", and "The Midwest Drifting Dental Assistant".  She could also be heard in skits like "Time For a Bear Trap", and "Parking Out Front". 

We have no idea of her whereabouts.

Special Thanks To...

Conrad Dillon
Musical Supevision

Todd Kollus 
Contributing Writer
Jimmy Schurman 
Featured Performer
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