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August 8, 2001

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You will stop doing that, I'm a professional!
August 8, 2001 - The best and shortest show to date.  Is 24 minutes okay with you guys?  We've got more.  In fact, we've got the next show done,  but you're gonna have to wait.

This week on the show,  "13 Minutes" has an exclusive in-depth story about the "new dope" in Gaylord, Michigan.  Ronald Ruck and the 13 Minutes gang will hopefully shed some light on the situation,  as long as nobody giggles at his name.

At The Shaft News Desk,  George H. Blatz and the boys mark the territory everywhere news is happening.  Michael Busch has a special report on stem cell research, and Anthony Deptula reports on the Code Red virus.

The Shaft Sounds Off! also brings continuing coverage of the Henry Rollins Spoken Word ExtravaganzaThon,  and Wilfred Brimley will really enjoy his oatmeal this week on the show.  Another Grand Magnificent Story of American History is at hand as Dick Clark (wait,  I'm so sorry) -- Andy Dick hosts "The XYZ Affair".

A new feature on the site this week is the TS2O! Poll,  where you can vote on your favorite skits from the August 8th show at the bottom of the front page.  So check out the show,  although hopefully you have at least started it,  since the link is above this story.

The Shaft  SOUNDS OFF! - August 8, 2001
Produced by George H. Blatz.
Written and Performed by George H. Blatz, Michael Busch, Anthony Deptula,
Jon Focke, Todd Kollus, Eric Moneypenny, and Lauren Smith.
Musical Supervisor:  Conrad Dillon
Special Thanks:, S. Patel, Ben Patterson, Dr. Robert Stewart
Copyright Ohio University 2001.

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