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August 17, 2001

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Money!  Makes you feel better...
AUGUST 17, 2001 - No time for cryin'.  It's the last The Shaft Sounds Off! of the summer,  but we'll be back kicking it when school starts back up in a couple weeks for us (September -- we're on the retarded quarter system).  We could keep going in the two-week interim,  but George Blatz is at the vet,  Eric Moneypenny misses home,  Mike Busch wants to write more,  Anthony Deptula has lots of exams,  Jon Focke has to work, and Lauren Smith is a girl.

And you're not listening to the shows anyway.  But that's okay.

This break will give you a chance to get caught up on your summer listening.  When you finally catch up to the August 17 show,  you'll get to hear NEWS from The Shaft News Desk.  George Blatz marks the territory as usual, Michael Busch reports on a meteor shower,  Anthony Deptula interviews Tropical Storm Barry.

Also on the show,  the very British Dick Williams will host your favorite public broadcasting finanical program, "Money Talks".  "Go-To-Hell" marks the first use of harpsicords in any of our skits.  And I must say that it didn't happen soon enough.  We shamefully promote the new CD straight from George Carlin's new HBO Comedy Hour,  but take time to get you familiar with one of the scene's up-and-comers in "The Bad Comic".

But we're done for the summer.

Ah, it reminds me of that 1966 love song by The Happenings: "See You In September".  If you don't know,  it always comes on some "Great Hits" special TV offer.

You can sing that while we're gone.  Except September will be here in a couple weeks, and so will we,  with more NEW shows.   

The Shaft  SOUNDS OFF! - August 17, 2001
Produced by George H. Blatz.
Written and Performed by George H. Blatz, Michael Busch, Anthony Deptula,
Jon Focke, Todd Kollus, Eric Moneypenny, and Lauren Smith.
Musical Supervisor:  Conrad Dillon
Special Thanks:, S. Patel, Ben Patterson, Dr. Robert Stewart
Copyright Ohio University 2001.